Maardu Cultural Center design competition

Location: City of Maardu

Architectural competition for the building of the new Maardu cultural center
Karina M.

Maardu City Cultural Center architectural design competition

The aim of the solution proposed by ESPLAN was to create a high-quality and inviting environment, which included a modern cultural center to be built in the center of Maardu.

A roof solution projecting towards the main entrance and the main square rising towards the cultural center. The connecting roads through the project area would have merged into a representative square in the north-west corner, which would become an additional linear park of urban space to the south. In the direction of the south-east, the running track was traversed by the quarter, which was illustrated by vertical landscaping and seasonal outdoor exhibitions. The parking of visitors was solved in the north-eastern part of the quarter with access from the heating street and the parking of buses in the western direction with access from the quarry street. Waste management, service entrance and bicycle parking are designed on the north side of the building.

The building was designed with environmentally and consumer-friendly solutions based on the principles of a smart home, which will significantly reduce the CO2 footprint. The building would have been accessible from all directions. A prospective building area with parking on the southern edge of the project area was planned for the future. The created solution looked to the quarter as a whole, where it was considered settled established traffic routes and the proximity of the existing stadiums.