We offer the following as solutions:

Lead design & project management


We prepare initial tasks and technical specifications for design work, prepare contract materials. A good and thorough task description allows you to save time and efforts in the next phases.

Esplan offers its solutions as a lead designer. All parts of the project come from one office and are held together by our strong project managers – less mistakes, less unpredictability, sticking in the budget and a more profitable project. We carry out all the necessary operations to coordinate the project with the authorities, and quickly obtain building permits. During the cooperation process, we advise and assist the client with all our competences and we are always available.

ADC – Automated Design Coordination


We are the first company that has introduced Automated Design Coordination (ADC) in our design project management and we are also offering this service to our international partners.

Automated Design Coordination is allowing companies to win up to 40% of efficiency in design phase. It solves efficiency gaps and frees project managers from most of the technical work using templates, task management, automated e-mails with legally proven text etc. Solution enables full transparency in design and is prerequisite for IPD projects.

One of the tools that improves efficiency significantly, is a tool that automates Solibri clash-checks and creates automatically tasks for architects and engineers to solve the clashes (+ automated task progress monitoring) – this saves time for BIM-coordinator and project manager.

Challenges in Project Management

Architecture & engineering solutions


Architecture (architectural concept & technical architecture)

Our architects stand out for their ability to chip in on technical matters. We think big, but the architectural solutions we provide are always carefully thought through. Our architects work side by side with special parts engineers, leading to the creation of integral, architecturally eye-catching works.

Landscape architecture

On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. That means that the time we spend outside needs to be particularly high-quality – inspiring and invigorating. We design outdoor environments that plug people in to nature’s energy socket and that enrich urban space.


We design spaces for people. We take the time we need to understand what the people who’ll be using the spaces want and what their habits are. Whatever the building, our interior architects always add a touch of aesthetic character, taking into account the possibilities that are actually open to the client.

Structural engineering

Strong; steadfast; supportive. Just like our team of structural engineers, since this is a field that has a lot of responsibility attached to it and that follows very high ethical norms. We already know how solve things and what we can do to optimise structures.


The ideal indoor climate is created in designing heating, ventilation and cooling systems so as to boost the comfort and productivity of users. At the same time, the field is constantly expanding as new technology and energy-efficient solutions are developed. Esplan’s energy efficiency specialist is also our team leader for HVAC.

Water supply & sewerage

The classic technical system solution in which contemporary practice demands that complex climate limits and conditions be taken into account and that there are functional systems even in extreme accident situations.

Electricity & automated systems

Esplan works with its long-standing partners to provide all parts of designing an electrical installation. These are, for example, design of substations and power lines, high and low current power supply and installations of buildings, outdoor electricity networks as well as design of automated control systems of complicated technological devices.

Fire safety

Fire safety isn’t just about drawing up evacuation plans: depending on the nature of the site we also provide solutions for fire-extinguishing systems (sprinkler, foam, gas, aerosol and water vapor), smoke extraction, automated fire signals, the automation of fire-extinguishing systems and internal and external water supply for fire-fighters.

Simulations & analyses


Our specialists are able to model a building’s energy consumption, airflows, cold bridges, internal climate and natural light. If needed, we can draw up profitability calculations for various solutions and work with the client to determine the optimal solution. We use comprehensive simulations and involve specialists, which enables energy savings of 20-50% and savings on maintenance costs of 15-35%.

We offer the opportunity to use the initial building model to play out a variety of scenarios and to perform cost efficiency analyses on them. The service we offer can also be used for comparative analysis of plans drafted by other bureaus.

For analysing the energy efficiency of buildings, Esplan has a dedicated and certified BREEAM consultant and assessor: energy efficiency specialist Erkki Seinre, PhD. He works with IES software, which produces dynamic simulations. Our architects and construction designers are also trained in energy efficiency. In planning peripheral structures and doors and windows and constructing nodes, they take minimising heat permeability and cold bridges into account. They use Therm software to this end.

BIM audit


ESPLAN offers BIM-model audit service.

Special software solutions allow us to check model compatibility with different rulesets (COBIM, RKAS). In our audit our experienced BIM-specialists bring out conflicts and evaluate the modelling and informational content inserted. BIM audit is a must-be component for construction project audit nowadays where BIM is new normal in design, but where different parts of the model may have quality that varies or there are clashes between different parts of the project.

We recommend to ask independent third party audit for every project ordered, to make sure that possible shortcomings will be found. This process will be done combining human intelligence with computational powers and rulesets. Cost of the service varies depending of the complexity of the project. Usually it takes 2-5 days for a specialist to formulate a proper audit report. If interested, please send your query to info@esplan.ee


Priit Pääso
Priit Pääso
Chairman of the Board

During its many years of operation Esplan has come to know the actual needs of its clients, which take in everything from development and pre-construction consultations to design services and supervision up to the handover of the building.

Instead of providing a service, we offer solutions that help our clients achieve substantial savings. If needed, we can back up our assessments with guarantees.

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