Extension of the Ülemiste shopping center, Phase 3

Location: Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn
Ilmar. H, Martin. A, Lever. L

Interior Architects
Triinu. V, Ahmad. H

Graphical Design
Liisa. P

The third design phase of the extension of the Ülemiste shopping center is ready 

The aim of the Ülemiste expansion concept design was to create a mixed-use development expansion for the Ülemiste shopping center and opening it up towards the new Rail Baltic Ülemiste Terminal, proposed European Square and the area of Ülemiste City. The main goal of the expansion was to design a sustainable human-centric and -scale street front together with the new main entrance towards European square and creating new accessible connections with the current part of Ülemiste Center. 

The design area for the expansion is located on the east side of Ülemiste Center (Suur-Sõjamäe street 4). Currently this side of the plot is used for car access & parking and service transportation. The eastern side of Ülemiste Center’s plot is to be connected with the planned Rail Baltic Ülemiste Terminal and its designed outdoor areas. Together with the Ülemiste expansion an initial conceptual solution of the European Square has been designed. The concept design of Ülemiste expansion is a vision of changing the current shopping center backyard into a focal point of the new mobility hub in Tallinn and in Ülemiste City.