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Esplan started out as a traditional architecture and engineering bureau in May 1989. It was established as a joint company between Estonian Rural Design and Finnish partners Arkkitehtitoimisto Risto Mäkälä KY.

Today there’s a strong new generation in the company. Our classic design service has undergone an overhaul and a number of processes have been introduced that will further transform our traditions. At the moment we’re developing a new business model that will enable us to offer our design service far more quickly

A number of external consultants and specialists are involved in our development plans. We’ve started making progress in terms of growth thanks to co-financing from Enterprise Estonia. We’re also open to private sector investments so as to make the most of our growth potential and to achieve the results we’re hoping for sooner.

Financial information

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Credit rating: AA

Estonia’s Most Competitive Design Company 2012

Growth in turnover (graph)

Forecast growth in turnover 2019: 20%



Annual report


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EP10458912-0001 Design

  • Drafting a construction project for the automation of the control and management system of a structure
  • Drafting the architectural part of a construction project (with the exception of landscaping and interior design)
  • Drafting a construction project for a building and its heating system, including boiler (with the exception of the electricity and gas supply parts), ventilation and cooling systems
  • Drafting a construction project for a building and its water supply and sewerage
  • Drafting a construction project for a district heating system
  • Drafting a construction project for structures
  • Drafting a construction project for port structures such as quays, breakwaters and other open-water structures
  • Drafting a construction project for a telecommunications system and network
  • Drafting a construction project for public water supply and sewerage, including pump rooms, treatment facilities and other associated structures


EL10458912-0001 Electrical installation design

EK10458912-0001 Expert assessment of construction projects and structures

EG10458912-0001 Site investigations

EO10458912-0001 Owner’s supervision

E 620/2011 Heritage conservation

10998 ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems

2539 ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems

The company has professional liability insurance to the value of 400,000 euros.

Enterprise Estonia (EAS)

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Support for boosting export capability

Esplan received 49,939 euros from Enterprise Estonia (EAS) in support of boosting its export capabilities. With this support, in the coming years the company plans to develop its services, carry out market research, take part in an international architecture competition and create a contact network on the Scandinavian market.
The project to boost Esplan’s export capabilities will cost 71,341.70 euros in total, of which 49,939.19 euros comes from EAS support.

Esplan has joined the Digital Construction Cluster

The Digital Construction Cluster is a working group of representatives of companies and the public sector which was established for the digitalisation of the construction field. The e-construction project is being funded via the Digital Construction Cluster by Estonian construction companies and Enterprise Estonia from the European Regional Development Fund. The project number is EU49307.

Support for the Development Holding project

Esplan has also received support as part of the Development Holding project. A feasibility study of the development of the design service is being drawn up within the framework of the project, and if it proves to be positive a plan for a pilot project will also be drawn up to test the implementation of the service.
The project activities are being conducted from 28 March to 14 October 2016. The total cost of the project is 28,750 euros, of which EAS support forms 20,000 euros

Kadi Metsmaa
Kadi Metsmaa
CEO, Board member

Esplan is a rapidly growing company in which years of experience are combined with innovative solutions offered by leading specialists. We’re convinced that things can be done quicker, better and more efficiently in the design sector.

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